Library Contacts

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K-State Libraries use teams to serve the K-State and Manhattan community. Each individual listed below is a representative of a larger team who has agreed to serve as the primary contact for the team. 

Research and Instruction


Primary Contact Secondary Contact(s)

Agriculture, Engineering, Math and Science

Livia Olsen

Cindy Logan, Carol Sevin, and Alice Trussell

Architecture, Arts, Design and Humanities

Ellen Urton

Thomas Bell, Dan Ireton and Sara K. Kearns

Aviation and Technology

Lisa Craft

Katherine Jones

Business, Education and Social Sciences

Laura Bonella

Melia Fritch and Kendra Spahr

Veterinary Medicine


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Other Support




Digital Scholarship:



Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship



Melia Fritch

First Year Students

Charissa Powell and Ashley Stark

Government Information

Adriana Gonzalez

Library Account

Carolyn Hodgson

New Literacies Alliance (NLA)

Joelle Pitts and Alice Anderson

New Prairie Press

Charlene Simser


Adriana Gonzalez

Research Impact 

Laura Bonella


Felisa Osburn

Special Collections and University Archives

Streaming Movies

Felisa Osburn


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Art, Architecture and Humanities

Casey Hoeve


Jo Crawford

Social Sciences

Tim Watts


Mira Green

Last updated: 01/10/2017